Korner Krane TM

Got A Corner to Fill for $2999

U.S. Patent No. 9,539,496

Seperate crane operations in the same cabinet. Two vacuum units moving over the rotating
playfield containing prizes of various values. If player successfully drop the gauge into
the tube they are WINNERS. A Classic game of Skill.

Keith Lapinig Video
Video - Korner Krane TM
Video - Closeup of Prizes

Korner Krane 2 ft. X 2 ft. X 60 inches high ~~~~~~ $2999.00

Video - Korner Krane TM
Video - Closeup of Prizes

Korner Krane TM Game Play

Insert coin(s) to start play. Game is controlled electronically and the Tri-Bob tm is moved from
side to side repeatedly. Player uses Red Button (STOP) to position the mechanism over ont of the
Tubes. Pressing the Yellow Button (DOWN) lowers the Tri-Bob tm. If successful the cup lowers and
enters the tube for a win. If the positioning and timing is not correct the tool will not enter the
tube and it is a no win. If the player wins a card is delivered to the dispense chute and the player
can redeem the card for a prize, gift, tickets or merchandise. A very simple, reliable patented movement
controls the play. The difficulty is set by adjusting the three screws. The distance between the screws
and the tube sets the difficulty. Less room is harder, more room is more simple. Easy to play, understand.
A Classic Game of Skill.

US Patent #8,070,167

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Video - Closeup of Prizes